Our Story

 I founded Divine Beauty Essence with a simple idea in mind. To make every Divine Beauties outer goddess illuminate just as much as her inner goddess did. As a women with lupus which is a incurable auto immune disorder. I'm a fairly sickly person. Lupus was causing my hair to fall out in clumps. My skin became extremely sensitive, and discolored in areas. My skin was dry and never felt soft and moisturized. Unfortunately with these things happening you get a feeling of not being beautiful, or worthy anymore. I needed to find a way to feel like my old self again. With that vision in mind  i realized there was nothing better then good clean, organic products. Not a lot of place offered a broad line of organic products. As I started learning more about them I realized there was a lot of people out there that were a lot like myself.  Just wanting to feel alive again, and not being able to find products to help with that. I wanted to help take the middle man out of all that guess work. From our luxurious lashes to our all natural serums. All the way down to our home made organic lipglosses. The joys of Divine Beauty isn't just for the models you see on TV, or in the magazines. With our products your outer goddess will glow just as bright as your inner goddess. Because here at Divine Beauty Essence we see your inner Beauty - C.E.O LG